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Synthetic Identity Fraud A Sophisticated Crime Of The New Millennium

synthetic identity fraud a sophisticated crime of the new millennium

Ajay Kaushik, Founder & CEO, Panacea Infosec

Moving Forward Towards Inclusive Digital Finance

moving forward towards inclusive digital finance

Saroj Topno Mittra, Director, Margdarshak

why banks should consider technology and data to be the antidote to risk

why banks should consider technology and data to be the antidote to risk

Dr Alfie Lindsey Risk, Sales & Trading Lead, Capco UK

4 Trends That Will Drive The Startup Sector in 2022

4 trends that will drive the startup sector in 2022

Madhurima Agarwal, Director – Engineering Programs, NetApp India

The Race is On to Build Supply Chain Resiliency for a Post-Pandemic World

the race is on to build supply chain resiliency for a post-pandemic world

George Harb, Regional Vice President, Business Ecosystems – APAC, OpenText

Average Is Dead, Re-Skill To Be Relevant

average is dead, re-skill to be relevant

Karthik Kadampully, Founder & CEO, AEON Learning

AI-Enabled Recruitment: Here's Everything You Would Want To Know

ai-enabled recruitment: here's everything you would want to know

Amardeep Vishwakarma, CTO, Indian Express

Why HR Should Be One Of The First Hires In A Startup

why hr should be one of the first hires in a startup

Aditya Adyar, Head - Human Resources, Piramal Realty

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