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A Shift To Algorithm-Driven Decision Making In Recruiting

a shift to algorithm-driven decision making in recruiting

Arvind Srivastava, CHRO and Group Head HR, Bansal Group of Companies

From Employee Engagement To Employee Experience

from employee engagement to employee experience

Brijesh Chandel, Head-HR, Persistent Systems

Tech Impact On HR Strategies

tech impact on hr strategies

Tapan Gupta, CHRO, PSIPL

Modern Business - Funding And Working

modern business - funding and working

Chetan Kanani, Co-Founder, Alpino Health Foods

Sustainable Development - The Way For Future

sustainable development - the way for future

Shabbhir Kanchwala, Senior VP, K Raheja Corp

Energy Solutions For Sustainable Mobility In The Domestic Market

energy solutions for sustainable mobility in the domestic market

Akshay Kashyap, Founder & Managing Director, Greenfuel Energy Solutions

A Deeper Look Into The Ocean

a deeper look into the ocean

Andreas Merkl, President, Ocean Conservancy

Utilizing India As A Catalyst For Sustainable Development

utilizing india as a catalyst for sustainable development

Himansh Verma, CEO & Founder, Navrattan Group

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